Web based component that supports digital signing of XML or PDF documents through locally installed digital certificates, or certificates by safety devices compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
  • In accordance with the global technical standards for digital signing
    fully compliant with laws and regulations in the country and EU
  • The component consists of web browser extension and a client application.
    In order to enable digital signing, users need to add the extension from the appropriate store to the browser and install the client application.
Benefits Benefits
Digital Signing

Digital Signing of XML or PDF documents without Java support


Compatibility with the leading browsers

Easy detection

Easy detection and extension installation in the web browser and the client application

Simple installation

Simple installation for all web applications for the end users

Easy integration

The extension allows for easy integration in both existing and new web applications.

Simple configuration

The extension provides easy configuration of certificate trusted issuers, list of allowed signers, timestamps or digital signatures bearing timestamps.

How to use it? How to use it?

API Integration

Integrating the extension into your new or existing web applications

The integration is provided through an API for which we provide complete and detailed technical specification.

If you order an integration service, we provide you with fast and efficient integration of the extension with your web applications as well as the configuration of the predefined extension parameters according to your business needs.

Links from where you can add the extension to your browser can be found below:

Automatic detection

The component enables automatic detection whether the user has a client application installed

AddAdd the extension in the web browser

InstallDownload and install the client application

SignSign XML or PDF documents through your browser

Packages Packages

Digital signing of documents via a web browser with locally stored digital certificates
Digital signing of documents through a web browser with digital token certificates
Signing with one or more digital signatures
Configuration of trusted certificate issuers
Certificate filtering by: subject, issuer, thumbprint and validity
Defining the location of the signature in correlation to the document
Simple installation for all end-user web applications
Integration with existing or new web applications
Notifications for new versions and upgrades for compatibility and security measures
Signing an XML document
Partial signing on a XML document
Selection of the type for digital signing algorithm
Time Stamp (XAdES-T) or digital signature with Time Stamp Enabled (XAdES-XL)
Validation of signatures in XML documents
Signing a PDF document
Detection and navigation of existing signatures
Managing the graphic signature: position, picture
Manual drawing of signature with visible signatures
Encryption of PDF documents with a digital certificate
Encryption of PDF documents with a digital certificate
Preview of PDF documens
Time stamp or digital signature with / without a time stamp included
Signing of long-term validated PDFs (LTV Enabled)
Annual subscription per domain
Detailed technical documentation for development and integration
Subscription support system support.nextsense.com
Support (time period) Monday to Friday
08 - 18 h (GTM +2)
Monday to Friday
08 - 18 h (GTM +2)
Dedicated support person (email and telephone)
Consultations on the use and integration of the component
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